Artix Linux is a rolling-release distribution, based on Arch Linux.

It uses OpenRC, runit or s6 as init because PID1 must be simple, secure and stable.

Recent news

Runit service manager cli tool

Runit service manager cli tool, has been added in our repositories, as a helper to runit init system.
It can be installed as:
# pacman -S rsm

displaymanager-openrc retirement

Due to changes in our tools, the displaymanager-openrc package will be retired. There are replacement packages currently in the gremlins repos. Each DM has now its own openrc package, which brings openrc's DM setup in line with runit and s6 counterparts.

New ISO releases

We are pleased to announce new stable ISO releases.

i3 and Gnome ISOs now available for testing

The images are available for downloading in the testing section of our download area.
Report any issues or find further information at our forum threads for i3 and Gnome respectively.

Packages archive

A package archive of our repositories went operational a few days ago, useful for downgrading packages to previous versions.
The archived packages can be accessed either alphabetically or by date, in a manner identical to the Arch Linux Archive, except of course for replacing the domain name.