Artix Linux is a rolling-release distribution, based on Arch Linux.

It uses OpenRC, runit or s6 as init because PID1 must be simple, secure and stable.

Recent news

Qt 5.15 changes

Qt 5.15 breaks the GTK2 theming support provided by qt5-styleplugins, which affects the dark theming of Qt5 apps in existing Artix installations.
Users may have to edit their configurations and set the QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE variable, usually defined in /etc/environment to "qt5ct-style" or "kvantum-dark" in order to fix their applications appearance.

The latest qt5-styleplugins in [galaxy] (version fixes the issue.

XFCE ISO now available

New XFCE ISOs are available for downloading and testing in the weekly download section. As such, they are still considered testing; please report any issues at our forum.

nss>=3.51.1-1 and lib32-nss>=3.51.1-1 updates require manual intervention

The nss and lib32-nss packages prior to version 3.51.1-1 were missing a soname link each. This has been fixed in 3.51.1-1, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked files created by ldconfig. If you get any of these errors nss: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem lib32-nss: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem when updating, use pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/ to let the upgrade continue.

New ISO images

After a 2-month period of testing and bug hunting, we are pleased to offer new official installation media.
In addition to base ISOs, this time we provide more desktop-specific images to choose from, for faster ready-for-use installations. Enjoy!

[openssh] after upgrade to 8.2p1-1 - sshd service requires restart

If you are using OpenSSH it is necessary to restart the sshd daemon after the update to 8.2p1-1.
This was reported at the Arch Linux bug tracker: FS#65517 - [openssh] upgrade to 8.2p1-1 breaks logins


  • OpenRC

    rc-service sshd restart
  • Runit

    sv restart sshd
  • s6

    s6-rc -d change sshd s6-rc -u change sshd