Artix Linux is a rolling-release distribution, based on Arch Linux.

It uses OpenRC, runit or s6 as init because PID1 must be simple, secure and stable.

Recent news

s6: Major s6-base and s6-scripts upgrade with new features

The upcoming s6-base 2.0-1 and s6-scripts 20210921-1 packages introduce a couple of major new features for s6 users.

First, the /etc/s6/adminsv directory is supported for writing custom s6-rc services.
Additionally, network detection for services on startup is now supported via editing the new network bundle.

For complete details, see the full announcement post on the forums.,3064.0.html

s6: USER variable replaced with ARGS for agetty-*.conf files

If you happened to use the USER variable for autologging into agetty, this variable has been removed and replaced with ARGS in the upcoming s6-scripts update. Any arbitrary argument can be passed instead. In the new *.conf file instead of:


it becomes:

ARGS="-a username"

Currently s6-scripts is in testing, but it will make its way to stable soon.

Arch repositories made optional

Artix has reached the stage where it can operate without the help of the Arch repositories, including the preparation of its installation media. As such, all new weekly ISO images will ship without [extra], [community] and [multilib] enabled in pacman.conf. Existing setups will not be affected, but new users may want to enable them and benefit from the additional packages. Instructions are provided in our wiki.

TL;DR: # pacman -Syu artix-archlinux-support

[s6] service conf file changes with backend refactor/rewrite

Some *-s6 service scripts have files named "conf" within their service directory (/etc/s6/sv/service/conf).
With the latest upgrade, the location of such files have been moved to /etc/s6/config/package.conf
If you have made custom edits to the conf files, pacman will leave them in the /etc/s6/sv/service directories and append a .pacsave to the files.

It is recommended to copy any changes you made to the original conf files over to the new ones and delete the old .pacsave files as soon as possible to avoid any issues should you remove the service in the future with pacman.

Additionally, do not blindly overwrite a new conf file with an old .pacsave one since it is not guaranteed these are exactly the same. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Download server upgraded

The upgrade has been completed. Upstream bandwidth has been quadrupled to 400Mbits/s. Thanks to each and everyone who has supported us!