Artix Linux is a rolling-release distribution, based on Arch Linux.

It uses real init systems, because PID1 must be simple, secure and stable.

Recent news

Debuginfod server deployed

Our debuginfod service is up and running at

Read the mailing list announcement for more details.

New official installation images

New official installation media are available at our download section.

artix-archlinux-support moves to [universe]

As more and more packages are available through our repositories, we decided to move artix-archlinux-support to the [universe] repository. This package provides virtual systemd dependencies and Arch repository entries in /etc/pacman.conf. New users who wish to use Arch-provided packages, especially from [community], should:

1. Enable the [universe] repository
2. Install artix-archlinux-support and follow the post-install instructions

Existing users who have already enabled the Arch repositories are not affected.

Suite66 retirement

Support for the 66 init system (also called suite66 here) has officially been retired.

The primary reasons are the lack of maintainership (the previous 66 maintainer stepped down) and the significant overlap with other init systems. For now, all suite66 packages have been moved to the [universe] repository where they will remain for some unspecified period of time before being removed completely.
Current 66 users are encouraged to switch to another init as soon as possible with s6 being the recommended choice for those who want something similar. Check the Wiki for a brief guide on switching init systems.

Follow this announcement on our forum.

FFMPEG upgrade

The latest ffmpeg-2:5.0-3 was accidentally pulled earlier than intended from our staging ([goblins]) repository. If you haven't upgraded yet and use stuff with ffmpeg dependencies from the Arch repositories, refrain from upgrading for now.

If you have already upgraded, you can either downgrade to the status-quo ante, using the Artix and Arch package archives or install ffmpeg4.4 from [galaxy] (easier). sudo pacman -Sy --asdeps ffmpeg4.4 or, if you get dependency errors sudo pacman -Sy --asdeps ffmpeg ffmpeg4.4
All affected packages in our own repositories have already rebuilt against the new ffmpeg, so ffmpeg4.4 should only be needed until Arch rolls its own packages out of [staging].