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[s6] The next s6-linux-init requires manual intervention

For s6 users, updating to s6-linux-init- will hit some file conflicts and require manual intervention. This will first be required for [gremlins] and then [system] later. If you want to save any changes made to s6-linux-init scripts first,
# cp -r /etc/s6/current/scripts /tmp
Then remove the current directory and reinstall s6-linux-init
# rm -rf /etc/s6/current
# pacman -Syu s6-linux-init
If you backed up your s6-linux-init scripts, you can move them back.
# cp -r /tmp/scripts /etc/s6/current
Now, it is safe to boot and shutdown the system again.

New testing ISO images, base/LXQt/LXDE/MATE/Cinnamon/Plasma - all inits

New Artix ISO images, marked testing have been uploaded to our main download server.
The base ISOs only offer a bare minimum system, installable from the console, and are meant for people who want to setup their systems from the ground up.
The minimal ISOs come with a basic DE (LXDE, LXQt, Cinnamon, MATE and KDE/Plasma), with a few basic applications and slightly preconfigured for uniform GTK/Qt look. The graphics installer of choice is Calamares and provides a basic working desktop.
All ISOs come in 3 versions with our officially supported init systems. Read the forum announcement and post your feedback there or in our Telegram group.

PyQt5 changes requires manual intervention

p>During pacman update when you hit this message:
looking for conflicting packages...
:: python-pyqt5 and pyqt5-common are in conflict. Remove pyqt5-common? [y/N]
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: python-pyqt5 and pyqt5-common are in conflict
when updating, use: pacman -Rdd pyqt5-common && pacman -Syu to perform the upgrade.

Xorg cleanup requires manual intervention

In the process of Xorg cleanup the update requires manual intervention when you hit this message:
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'inputproto' required by lib32-libxi
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'dmxproto' required by libdmx
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'xf86dgaproto' required by libxxf86dga
:: installing xorgproto (2019.2-2) breaks dependency 'xf86miscproto' required by libxxf86misc
when updating, use: pacman -Rdd libdmx libxxf86dga libxxf86misc && pacman -Syu to perform the upgrade.

Support for the s6 init system is now official

We are pleased to announce that, after a moderate period of testing, the s6 process supervision suit has come out of [gremlins].
People willing to install (or convert to) this init system, are encouraged to read the upstream documentation and related posts in our forum. Most s6 service init files are also provided in [world] and [galaxy].

New OpenRC base ISO image

A fresh base ISO image (i.e. no desktop or graphical installer) featuring OpenRC has been uploaded to our servers.

New ISO images, Plasma/LXQt and MATE/LXDE

A QT-based ISO featuring the KDE Plasma and LXQt desktop environments and a GTK-based ISO with MATE and LXDE are available for downloading. Both ISO images come equipped and ready for general use (multimedia, office, internet, productivity), offering the latest software available and are, despite their general DE/toolkit orientation, preconfigured for completely uniform look between QT and GTK applications, allowing for aesthetically pleasing integration of the best apps from both worlds. Read the forum announcement for more information and screenshots.

New ISO images, MATE desktop

2 new ISO images, marked community and featuring the MATE desktop, are available for downloading. Read the forum announcement for more information.

New elogind in [gremlins], systemd-dummy packages to be dropped

The latest elogind (241.1-1), and specifically libelogind, provides the necessary ABI function calls and headers that allow software to be directly linked against it, meaning that applications built against libsystemd can be used with libelogind as drop-in replacement. This also means that /usr/lib/ can be just a symlink to /usr/lib/ and nobody will notice.

Users running on [gremlins] might experience breakage with upstream Arch packages that are linked against systemd-libs, at least until our mirrors are all fully in sync. If you encounter problems, please report them at the forum.

The systemd-dummy and systemd-libs-dummy packages will be dropped, once the new elogind moves to [system].

A new build server is being deployed.

Thanks to a very generous donation from Brecht-Schule Hamburg, an AMD Epyc 7281 (16-core/32-thread) bare-metal server with 32GB of RAM is being prepared for taking over the package building needs of Artix. The server's purchase cost was covered by Brecht-Schule, which is also hosting it at their premises in Hamburg, Germany. Thank you!

A new ISO has been released.

A new OpenRC/LXQt ISO, marked gremlins is available for downloading. It's considered testing, please report any problems to our forum.

The good, old logo from 2017 is a part of history. Our new logo is now official.

Maintenance is over.

Artix is resuming normal workflow.

Artix repositories are under maintenance.

We advise users to temporarily disable Arch and other repositories to prevent errors.

ISO images are now marked as stable

After extensive testing, we've moved from gremlins to release ISOs. You can get both OpenRC and runit flavours from Sourceforge.

New ISO images

2 new LXQt ISOs (OpenRC and runit) are available at Sourceforge.

Our mirror at CTU will be offline for a week

The people at the Czech Technical University in Prague will be moving their entire infrastructure into new facilities in the week between 23 and 30 September 2018.

We have moved away from Github

Our PKGBUILDs are now hosted on our own GIT server.

The next openrc-0.35.5-11 or artix-runit-20180414-9 update requires manual intervention

This procedure will be necessary in [gremlins] first, later in [system]. All commands below must be run as root.

First, make sure your system has an up-to-date mirrorlist. Some mirrors have stopped syncing since our primary mirror went offline for a few days. The 3 mirrors on top in the latest mirrorlist are known to sync fully.

Compare your mirrors with the ones below: Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch


Manually remove runlevel and sysvinit symlinks: # rm /etc/runit/runsvdir/default/{dbus,elogind} # rm /usr/bin/{init,poweroff,shutdown,halt,reboot} Then proceed with system update: # pacman -Syu artix-sysvcompat


Remove elogind and dbus from their runlevels: # rc-update del elogind boot # rc-update del dbus default Then proceed with system update, making sure openrc is also updated: # pacman -Syu artix-sysvcompat # pacman -S --needed openrc

If you updated before you saw this announcement, there is still hope.

Help your kernel find the new init binary, by providing it manually at the GRUB command line: init=/usr/bin/openrc-init or init=/usr/bin/runit-init Then proceed as described in the respective sections above.

Read the discussion at the forum for more information.

A new primary mirror is up and running. Thanks!

We are in need of a new (and really stable) main mirror and multiple secondary mirrors located around the world. The primary mirror will have to rsync at regular intervals from our build server (every 30 minutes or so) and the secondary mirrors will in turn rsync from the primary mirror somewhat less frequently. Good bandwidth and at least 30 GBs of disk space (for now, we will need more in the future) is what we currently need. Please contact us if you can provide such a server or know someone who can.

Our mailing lists and their archives are now hosted locally.

We are back.

Our Wiki is up!


Get it from our mirrors.

New primary mirror

We are moving our package repos away from Sourceforge hosting, main reason being the restriction of colon characters (':') in filenames, which breaks the package database with epoch-versioned packages.
Edit your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist with your favourite editor and make sure the following mirrors are on top: Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch/ Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch Then run: pacman -Syu to get the latest package databases and update.

Return of the Jedi

After more than two years of maintaining repositories with OpenRC packages, the maintainers of separate but closely or loosely related projects (Arch-OpenRC, Manjaro-OpenRC) decided to join forces and create a project that would be systemd-free and unaffected from upstream changes and updates. That required what might technically be considered as a mini-fork. Three new repositories, [system], [world] and [galaxy] have been created which must be placed before the official Arch or Manjaro ones. This ensures that upstream (if this term can be used anymore) will never break the new setup.

The [arch-openrc] and [arch-nosystemd] repos will stop being updated. Manjaro-OpenRC will also stop being supported in a couple of months.

Existing OpenRC systems (whether arch-openrc or manjaro-openrc) can be converted to the new scheme with minimal effort. Older eudev-openrc ones might need some more tweaking, especially with concern to the desktop: consolekit2 is replaced by elogind. Those with vanilla systemd Arch or Manjaro must first migrate as described. Or, you can install a fresh Artix system.

Our sources are hosted at github/artix-linux