Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you hate systemd?
A. No. We love systemd. Without systemd there would never be Artix. So, you see, systemd can also inspire good things.

Q. Why, then?
A. Because.

Q. No, I mean why Artix?
A. Because running after Arch was a second-grade approach. By forking Arch Linux and cutting out all the systemd stuff we can be sure that upstream changes won't affect the project negatively and that systemd won't creep into the binary packages.

Q. Who's behind Artix?
A. Them and more. Also checkout the "People" section of the sidebar.

Q. What does Artix mean?
A. It's complicated. But "The Art of Linux" sounds nice.

Q. Jedi Knights? Are you serious?
A. Yes.

Q. Why are there still systemd components (i.e. logind and udev) in Artix?
A. They're elogind and eudev, which is different.

Q. What about pulseaudio?
A. Technically, pulseaudio is not part of systemd. Use alsa. Or oss4.

Q. Why not consolekit2?
A. It's not (yet) on par with elogind in features and requires specifically patched packages. Maybe later.

Q. How can I help?
A. Thought you'd never ask!